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Make the short game your best game!

Did you know that golfers in general take between 65 - 72% of their shots from a distance of 120 yards or less?

Having the correct clubs in your bag can have a dramatic impact on your scoring. will focus on helping golfers get the most out of the four wedges that a golfer can have in their bag.

Whippy TempoMaster - Pitching Wedge or Sand Wedge

The Whippy TempoMaster

The Whippy TempMaster is available as both;

  • Pitching Wedge — The Pitching Wedge is available in both right and left handed models.
  • Sand Wedge — The Sand Wedges is available in a right handed model only.

Intended Use: Today's players realize the importance of the short game and, therefore, by using The Whippy TempoMaster weges around the green, from the sand, and the fairway, you can groove a proper swing that will become automatic from 100 yards and in.

The Whippy TempoMaster was formally introduced at the Orlando PGA Show in 1992

The Whippy TempoMaster, that is what Dr. Melvin, the inventor, I named it, was introduced at the PGA show in Orlando with outstanding success. “Our booth was one of the busiest booths at the show and, at this time, The whippy was not being advertised on TV”. Rather, it was well known and coveted by teaching pros due to the number of clubs in circulation and the reputation The Whippy has earned prior to the show.

We sold out our entire show inventory in the first two hours. Once we returned back to the shop in Dallas, TX, we had our hands full filling orders from the show. The majority of the sales at the show were to teaching and touring professionals of all tours men and women. We sent over 40 putters out to players on the PGA, LPGA, and the then Nike tour the first day of the show. It appeared that these players and coaches were specifically looking for us and The Whippy at the show.

The Whippy TempoMaster was the only golf training club in "Golf Illustrated’s" “10 best training devices”. Currently, The Whippy is being used by countless number of active touring and long drive professionals as well as countless amateur golfers of all skill levels in order to develop and/or maintain their golf swing.

It is the only training device that I know of that touring professionals will actually purchase. After all, it’s one of the few golf training clubs on the market that you can actually hit balls with. This, in itself, makes The Whippy “The most effective golf training club available today”. --- Dr. John N. Melvin

The club comes with a book and video on how to use the club to get the most from your practice sessions. We suggest watching the video first, you will be impressed! It provides a very straight forward approach to get the most enjoyment from your game.


To receive a 10% discount on The Whippy, type "weekend-golfer" in the comments field at the bottom of The Whippy TempoMaster order form.

Order yours today!

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