Make the Short Game Your Best Game!

The Ultimate Short Game System

I'm About to Show You How to Cut Your Handicap to Single Digits With the Scoring Power of the Short Game! Stop Blowing Time and Money at the Driving Range and Let Me Teach You What Really Works! - Risk Free!

Ultimate Short Game System - Get it Now!

From: Cody B Wheeler - PGTAA Pro

Dear Future Single Digit Handicapper,

If you're reading this page, I commend you, because you're acting on the lesson that most already golfers know, but fail to do anything about.

You already know the short game is the most important part of your score, you want to do something about it, but you just need guidance. It's okay. The short game isn't easy, but if you've learned anything about me yet anywhere else, you know that I make things very simple.

It's true. Improving the short game is the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to lower your scores significantly, but if you don't learn it correctly, you can even harm your score!

Fear not. I'm here to help. And I promise to keep things as simple as possible for you along the way.

You see, golf is my passion. I love seeing my students learn and progress. I love answering questions, helping people, and getting scorecards with 22 putts listed on them. It's a great feeling to make a difference.

But it's important that you realize that I wasn't always where I am today. There was a time I was just another hack. I took 36 putts a round, took two chips every hole, and if I got in a bunker, well let's just say I was beached for a while.

But that all changed. One morning I decided to that I was going to stop messing around and actually do something about my scores. I decided to pull out all the stops and master the short game.

Some of the Topics Covered in the Book.

  • Pitching Secrets of the Pros - Finally Spin Your Wedges - PAGE 46
  • Bunker Play Techniqes - Get Close From Any Bunker - PAGE 74
  • Golf Psychology Secrets - Maximize Your Confidence - PAGE 21
  • A Full Breakdown of the Effects of Short Game Conditions - PAGE 40

  • Strategy to Improve Scores Without One Stroke Change - PAGE 134
  • A Complete Equipment Selection Guide - PAGE 30
  • Proper Chipping Techniques - You'll Be Close Every Time - PAGE 59
  • Finally Learn How to Read a Green - The RIGHT Way - PAGE 93

  • Tips and Drills That Make Practice Fun - PAGE 140
  • The Number One Reason Why You Miss Putts - PAGE 125
  • A Step-by-Step Short Game Improvement Action Plan - PAGE 136
  • The Psychological Principle That Changes Lives - PAGE 22

Ultimate Short Game System Professional Package

Ultimate Short Game System - Get it Now!

Here's what you get...

  • Ultimate Short Game System
  • Free Access to Version 2.0 Update
  • One on One Support of Materials
  • CW Specialty Shots Bonus Videos and Narratives
  • Free Preview of Golf Efficiency
  • Exclusive Interview With Golf Fitness Expert Susan Hill
  • Free Surprise Bonus
  • 60 Day Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

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