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Make the short game your best game!

Did you know that golfers in general take between 65 - 72% of their shots from a distance of 120 yards or less?

Having the correct clubs in your bag can have a dramatic impact on your scoring. will focus on helping golfers get the most out of the four wedges that a golfer can have in their bag.

Swing Machine Golf - The DVD Series

Swing Machine Golf - Buy it Now!

This is Not Your Average Golf Instruction Program.

While this training series is not about the short game or that it targets how to use your wedges it is a great system for learning to swing a golf club - the first step to master to allow you to hit your wedges.

In these new DVD videos, Paul Wilson brings the content of his original Swing Machine Golf book to life with VIVID demonstrations that include lots of repetition to make sure you'll quickly and easily understand WHAT TO DO at each stage of the swing.

Your learning starts with the section, "Understanding Iron Byron". Here, Paul interviews George Manning, the creator of Iron Byron, right beside the machine at the True Temper test facility in Tunica, Mississippi. (See the picture below.)

George explains why the machine was designed the way it was, and provides helpful insight into the 3 key elements that allow it to have a perfectly repeating swing.

For the balance of the program, Paul will teach you how to add those 3 key elements to your golf swing using 10 easy lessons and 6 simple tutorials, so you can start swinging with machine-like consistency too.

 Disc 1 Disc 2
  • Understanding Iron Byron
  • Lesson 1 - The Neutral Grip
  • Lesson 2 - The Setup Part 1
  • Lesson 3 - Follow-Through Part 1
  • Lesson 4 - Follow-Through Part 2
  • Lesson 5 - Follow-Through Part 3
  • Lesson 6 - The Setup Part 2
  • Lesson 7 - Backswing Part 1
  • Lesson 8 - Backswing Part 2
  • Lesson 9 - Backswing Part 3
  • Lesson 10 - Backswing Part 4
  • Tutorial 1 - Putting It All Together
Disc 3Disc 4
  • Tutorial 2 - How To Practice
  • Tutorial 3 - Curing Your Slice
  • Tutorial 4 - Taking It To The Course
  • Tutorial 5 - Making Sure You're Doing It Right
  • Tutorial 6 - Picture The Perfect Swing
  • Paul's Parting Shot

By the time you finish watching the 10 Lessons:

  • You’ll finally understand the simple "cause and effect" of the golf swing, and you'll realize that it really isn't that complicated.
  • You’ll learn how to add the Iron Byron's three key swing elements at every stage of the golf swing to maximize your chances of returning the clubface square to the ball at impact on a "consistent" basis.
  • You’ll learn feedback mechanisms to help you tell instantly whether or not you are doing things right at each stage of your swing.
  • You’ll learn to recognize how "human nature" will attempt to sabotage your golf swing and how to prevent this from happening to you.
  • You'll learn how to practice the content of each lesson until it becomes automatic so you can play a round of golf without "analysis paralysis".

The 6 Tutorials are designed to complete your transition into a human swing machine:

  • Tutorial 1 compares Paul and Iron Byron split screen at every stage of the swing, both front view and down the line. You'll be amazed at how closely they match!
  • Tutorial 2 is a 30-minute practice session with Paul. He demonstrates step-by-step exactly how to practice incorporating the 3 key elements of Iron Byron into your swing, both at home and at the range.
  • Tutorial 3 shows you how the elements of the Iron Byron can cure your slice forever, within the time it takes to hit a bucket of balls!
  • Tutorial 4 explains how to break 100, 90 or 80 for the first time as you take your new swing to the course.
  • Tutorial 5 will be your "go-to" tutorial. Here you'll find more than 30 minutes of detailed descriptions of how to make sure you are doing things right at each stage of the swing.
  • Tutorial 6 shows you what it looks like to become a human swing machine, as Paul hits every major club in the bag from both the front view and down-the-line view.

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Paul Wilson(left), Iron Bryron and George Manning

Swing Machine Golf - Short Game & Continuing Education Series

We all can use constant reminders and refreshers on how to perform basic tasks. Look at the tour pros - they are always relying on their swing coaches to make sure their swing is as solid as it can be. In this DVD continuing education series you get the advice of your own swing coach any time you need it.

DVDs will include Pitching, Chipping, Bunkers, Putting. Other exciting topics will be added in the future.

First DVD will ship immediately.

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