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Make the short game your best game!

Did you know that golfers in general take between 65 - 72% of their shots from a distance of 120 yards or less?

Having the correct clubs in your bag can have a dramatic impact on your scoring. will focus on helping golfers get the most out of the four wedges that a golfer can have in their bag.

Swing Machine Golf - Continuing Education Series

Swing Machine Golf - Continuing Education Series


You can trust your full swing and short game to Paul Wilson. His ability to make the golf swing easy to understand and to perform will certainly be an asset to you golf game.

You will learn the three key concepts of the Swing Machine golf swing to increase your golfing enjoyment while decreasing your golf score. Each DVD will guide you to master the different aspects of the short game, the scoring game.

Below is a breakdown of the information contained in each of the ongoing education program.

 DVD 1 - Pitching DVD 2 - Chipping

This first short game DVD will take you through his incredible pitching technique designed to have you hitting prefect pitch shots within a few short minutes! Once you master the simple pitching technique, you'll then know exactly what shot to hit fram any yardage so you'll finally be able to dial in those pitch shos and lower your scores.

So many golfers take thes shots for granted because you're usually just off the green. Unfortunately, the majority still find themseleves leaving their shots short or hitting zingers over the green. This chipping technique will show you exactly how to hit perfect chip shots time after time so you will eliminate those poor chips from your game.

DVD 3 - Greenside BunkersDVD 4 - Putting

If you are someone who thinks hitting the ball from the sand is tough, you will change your mind after this DVD. The Swing Machine Golf greenside bunker technique is so easy it makes getting the ball out of bunkers mere childs play. You will no longer leave the ball in the sand or hit it way over the green. The confidence in you will grow allowing you to get the ball closer and closer to the hole and save unwanted shots from the sand.

Earlier in his game one of Pual Wilson specialties was putting. Hhis record is 21 putts in 18 holes! Another time he made 56 putts in a row from 15 feet and in a freindly putting competition he 1 putter six out of nine holes. This DVD contain his proven techniques to become an amazing putter. No gimmicks, just common sense.

Below are some of the topics that will be covered in future continuing education DVDs.

  1. Self Diagnosis
    When you are not playing your best you have to know how to diagnose your flaws. This DVD will show you exactly what you are doing wrong eliminating any guess work and getting you back on track.
  2. Specialty Shots - Short Game
    This DVD will go through all of the different situations you may find yourself in and explain the options you have as well as the techniques you can use to get yourself back on the green.
  3. Specialty Shots - On Course
    No one hits the ball perfectly every soingle time. This means that the days you aren't feeling your best are going to be the days you find yourself in some sticky situations. This DVD will show you some of the amazing shots you can hit.
  4. Uneven Lies
    No course is perfectly flat. Because of this, you are going to find yourself having to hit shots from some unusual situations. This DVD will take you through all of the various lies you will encounter.
  5. Draws and Fades
    Whether you're a better player or not this DVD will come in handy for when you are looking at shape your shots.
  6. Playing Lessons
    It's one thing to hit great shots on the range, it's another thing to know how to play. This DVD will show you the subleties of taking your game to the course.

...And many more!!!

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