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Every one learns at different speeds and by using different techniques. Some do well very by simply reading a book and mimicing the pictures. Others find it beneficial to watch someone else do what they wish to do and then do the same to imitate what they just saw. And then there are those who just need a quick suggestion to adjust what they currently do.

Take a look at some of the recommended resources we have developed to help make your short game your best game. Select from the following list to find the right tool for your wedge game.

Recommended Titles

Recommended E-Book Titles

One of the nice things about the Internet is immediate gratification. We have linked up with a web site where you can search for golf books, purchase them, and download them right away. No going to the store, no buying online and paying shipping and handling and then waiting until the book arrives. GET THEM NOW! RIGHT AWAY - NO WAITING.
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