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Golf Training - Quick Tips - Approximate Distance Control...

How far should you expect your shots to travel. We have put together a chart that could be of help know how far your should expect to hit your wedges. Please use this chart as a guide to determine the proper club selection.

Approximate Distance Control...
Use as a guide the distances for your lofts. Full Swing 3/4 Swing 1/2 Swing
Full shots produce maximum spin and height. These shots have good spin and allow for a quick ball stop. Half swing produce lower ball fligh and minimal spin.
48° Pitching Wedge 120 Yards 110 Yards 80 Yards
50° Pitching Wedge 112 Yards 102 Yards 70 Yards
52° Gap Wedge 105 Yards 95 Yards 65 Yards
54° Gap Wedge 97 Yards 87 Yards 60 Yards
56° Sand Wedge 90 Yards 80 Yards 55 Yards
58° Sand Wedge 82 Yards 72 Yards 50 Yards
60° Lob Wedge 75 Yards 65 Yards 45 Yards

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