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The Sand Wedge

Hopkins Golf - Assorted Sand Wedges

Sand Wedges are fabulous tools that are designed specifically for play out of the sand. But they are equally useful from the grass or fairway. This club is probably the most unique club in your golf bag due to its versatility and function. You may also notice that these wedges are probably the heaviest club in the set. The weighting issue is due to the extra metal that added to the bottom of the blade known as the bounce.

The golf sand wedge was developed back in 1930 by a gentleman by the name of Gene Sarazen as a higher lofted club to help escape from the sand traps and other hazards on the course. It has since developed into a phenomenon and a must have for every golfer. Sand wedges usually have a loft of somewhere between 54 and 58 degrees depending on what you as a player want. The clubs are usually hit at a distance of 90 yards from the pin in the fairway.(give or take 5-10 yards) They are also great clubs for shots that have to be hit back into the fairway due to a wayward previous shot that will stop quickly. Otherwise known to some players as a recovery shot.

Sand wedges have a fairly high level of loft that will help launch the ball with a high trajectory towards the target. Because of the type of ball flight generated from these clubs the ball will also stop quicker on the greens with minimal role. This allows players to take dead aim at the target with their shots.

You may also notice that the golf sand wedge has a shorter shaft than your other clubs. Because of this the players will likely swing at the ball with a more upright swing and a more aggressive or descending blow. This action will cause the golf ball to spin a lot with these clubs and the golf ball will stop quickly on the greens and sometimes even back up. (called backspin or juice)

If you play on a course with hard turf you may need a wedge with a little less bounce (extra metal) on the bottom of the club to allow the club to dig into the turf a little and vice versa if you play on softer turf. (more bounce) This comes into effect a lot when playing from a sand trap. The bounce protects you against digging too much or not enough sand so you can escape safely from the trap.

The great thing about these clubs is their versatility to be used in a number of different situations. To become a great player in this game you have to master your sand wedges. Get out there and practice some more. I guarantee you will lower your scores.

You will find the more you play it is critical to have a good short game. Be sure to check out the section on Wedge Training to get the most out of you wedges.

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