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The Lob Wedge

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Lob wedges are a club that is quite new and they a becoming quite popular. Lob wedges just might be one of the best clubs to have in your golf bag. You can find lob wedges in the bags of professional tour players and the weekend golfers.

Lob wedges are not typically included in a set of golf clubs. Golfers will need to purchase them directly from a local golf shop, pro-shop, or directly from the manufacturer. Lob wedges have acquired the name of finesse clubs because they are used for those "touch" or "feel" shots taken around the green. Lob wedges are great for shots requiring the ball to get airborn quickly and stop softly once it lands.

If you have a lob wedge in your bag you know it is the shortest club in length and it has the most loft of all the irons in a golfers bag. A typically lob wedge has a loft varying from 60 degrees to 64 degrees, and possibly more. Overall you want to use a lob wedge that does not have much bounce. Lob wedges are often used from tight lies and the desired shot is to have the club slide under the ball - you do not want it to "bounce" off of the turf.

The typically distance you can expect a lob wedge shot to travel is around 65 to 70 yards. The ball will go very high into the air due to the high loft of the club and it will land softly and stop quickly. A well struck shot should put a lot of spin on the ball. Lob wedges could be your "go to" club when your ball is in the rough. You can get the ball up quicky to assist getting out of trouble.

Golfers who use lob wedges find them comfortable to hit, they can take a full swing and the ball will only travel a short distance. They no longer need to worry about partial swings and the inconsistency those partial shots can cause.

If you haven't got one of these great finesse clubs in your bag, than go to your local retailer, pro shop, or online and pick one up. Then proceed to the range and see what hitting one of these great new lob wedges is all about.

You will find the more you play it is critical to have a good short game. Be sure to check out the section on Wedge Shot Training to get the most out of you wedges.


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