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The Art of the Flop Shot

The flop shot was made popular by the 2004 Masters champion, Phil Mickelson. It has become so popular, amateurs across the world are playing flop shots whenever they are within 30 yards of the green! The flop shot is a necessary weapon to have in your arsenal of golf shots, ONLY if it is used correctly.

The flop shot should be used when you are behind a bunker or other hazard or you are in very deep rough and there is very little green for which to place your shot. It is meant to be a high, soft shot where the ball has very little roll after it lands on the green. With some minor adjustments to your setup and technique, you should be able to pull this shot off like "Lefty" himself!

The Setup:

Aim the club face (of your most lofted wedge) at your target and aim your body 45 degrees to the left (for righties). Your clubface should now be lying wide open giving it extra loft. Your ball position should be inside your left heel.

The Swing:

When executing this shot, you need a soft grip and relaxed arms. The back swing is going to be more vertical than your normal swing. You should feel your wrists hinging sooner on your back swing. Allow the club to swing down softly to the golf ball so the clubface gently slides under the ball. This will produce a high, soft ball flight. Remember, this shot is typically only a 30 yard shot or less.

Final Warning!

You will have to swing harder than normal to get the ball to the hole because you are lofting your club so much more than usual. Swinging harder will decrease your margin for error - and remember, don't forget to follow through. Your chances of hitting the ball thin and skulling it over the green is greater thereby requiring you to keep your head still and down like this professional, well after your shot! Try it, you'll be glad you did!

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