Make the Short Game Your Best Game!

How to Get Out of the Rough

Wouldn't it be nice to hit the fairway every time? Probably some of those missed fairway shots end up nestled down in the rough. By nestled down we mean that at least half of the ball is below the itop of the grass.

By being down in the grass we are likely to encounter several problems for this shot. The longer grass will grab the clubhead and cause it to twist before hitting the ball. This twisting will cause the ball to have less trajectory and fly more to the left than a shot from the fairway.

There are a few steps to take to help minimize the twisting effect that the longer grass has on the club. When you are in the rough try these options:

  1. Use more club, maybe one or two depending on the thickness of the grass and the lie of the ball.
  2. Grip down about one inch for better control. Also hold the club a bit tighter than normal with both hands.
  3. Stand closer to the ball, about an inch or two. This will help create a steeper angle of attack. Also move the ball back in our stance so you will end up having your hands slightly ahead of the ball. This will help you to strike the ball sooner, hopefully before the grass has had a chance to grab the clubhead.
  4. On the backswing , use your arms more to help crate that steeper angle. The steep angle again helps the club make contact with the ball and minimize the aount of grass between the clubhead and ball.
  5. Watch a successful shot!

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