Make the Short Game Your Best Game!

Golf Club Manufacturers - Components

We have assembled a list of quality golf club component manufacturers. We have had experience with each and they are the ones we have found their customer service to be excellent, their quality of products to be excellent, and just great companies to work with. Manufacturers are listed in alphabetical order.

  • The Golfworks - The Golfworks offers a full and comprehensive selection of wedges. Read more about The Golfworks and how their clubs could help your short game. We have been purchasing clubs and tools from The Golfworks for many years.

  • Hireko Golf - Fun. Isnít that what the Game of Golf is all about? Hireko Golf wants to be a partner with you to create a more enjoyable golfing experience. Since 1980, Hireko and itís new acquisition Dynacraft International, have provided golfers with state-of-the-art products, friendly customer service and technical support and value in the golf industry. Our combined 50 years of expertise have produced over a dozen nationally recognized publications and the Dynacraft Shaft Fitting Index remains the dominant testing and development concept in shaft technology. Custom Made Golf Clubs At Factory Direct Prices!

  • SMT Golf - Take control of your game. Buying your golf clubs in component form gives you the advantage of constructing a club that will work in harmony with your individual swing tendencies. Mixing and matching component parts creates the total compliment of clubs to support your game and all its nuances. The technology that SMT brings to the sport will show itself in both distance and accuracy on the golf course. Check out the SMT Golf web site to learn more.

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