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Hopkins Golf — Custom Wedges


hopkins Golf Wedges

are made the same way we make them for our Tour players including:

  • 8620 Carbon Steel, unchromed, for great feel and rusting purposes
  • Stock wedges include Lamkin Crossline grips
  • Stock wedges include Hopkins Golf OTM (On The Money) steel shafts
  • Six different custom grinds
  • Custom personalization including engraving, stamping and custom colors

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  • Grooves that have maximum USGA dimension for increased spin
  • Face Milled pattern with maximum surface roughness for maximum spin

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Tour pros put custom grinds on the soles of their wedges for enhanced playability, largely based on course conditions. Your game will benefit by using custom grinds as well because you may play in a region where a standard grind is not optimal for your game.

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Tour pros don't play stock wedges and you may be wise to follow suit. Custom wedges include a myriad of options to make your wedges fit your game. These include custom grinds, shafts, grips, lengths, lofts and lies. You can even Personalize your wedges with custom engraving, stamping and your choice of paint-fill colors. Using these tools you can add your name, initials, custom symbols; just about anything you want.

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The Hopkins Golf On The Money shaft is a 130g wedge flex shaft with a low mid trajectory launch. The shaft is engineered to provide a penetrating ball flight for control with a slightly active tip for feel and maximum spin. We also offer shaft options from True Temper, Project X, KBS and Nippon.

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After some 30-plus years in the golf business, a retired Greg Hopkins sat down to dinner one night with family and friends. The discussion soon turned to the evolution of the golf industry. Specifically, the group chatted about golf's changing retail landscape, true customization that only Tour pros experience, and the advent of direct "manufacturer to consumer" distribution that offers a better value to end users. Not your typical table topics. But from that conversation, the seeds of Hopkins Golf were sowed.

With encouragement from his wife, Linda, and several serendipitous conversations with key partners along the way, Greg founded Hopkins Golf with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective: Providing amateur golfers a way to create their own custom clubs the same way Tour players do - at a fair price. Plus, he wanted to make it easy for golfers to try the clubs on the course and then be able to return them, if they didn't exceed expectations.

This is how we're doing it: You design the clubs right on our website and order them directly from us at a great price, instead of buying them at traditional retail stores. Plus, you receive your clubs quickly and Hopkins Golf has an easy, hassle-free return policy.

We're only making wedges -- for now. But who knows what'll result from Greg's next dinner get-together?

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