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The Golfworks

Until recently the only way to use The Golfworks innovations, products, and tools was through their catalog or web site. Now a complete Golfworks store is available in a Golf Galaxy store. It is a clubmakers paradise, a one stop resource to touch and examine the products before you make a purchase.

  • M-Series Wedges - 1.25 UC Sole and 1.62 UC Sole Wedges, the most versatile wedge system available.
  • M-Series Classic Design - Traditional rounded top line and radiused leading edge.
  • Target Wedges - Pure at address, smooth on takeaway, and with a solid feel at impact - that's Toski Target Wedges.
  • 8620 Oil Soaked Wedges - The new CER 8620 Oil Soaked precision wedges bring a new look and more options to the best selling CER line.
  • DM Series Classic Wedges - The heads are a made from double heat treated 431 Stainless Steel for a forged feel at cast prices.

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