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Bob Burns Golf — +/- Wedge

Choose your own design and specifications. Our master craftsmen can tailor your wedge, or set of wedges, to almost any specification—from the shape of the toe, to bounce, heel-relief, angle of lie, type of finish, and even stamping color. You name it, we’ll do it.

These custom-made wedges feature a standard four-way camber, which provides only one point of contact with the turf. The contour of the sole keeps the leading edge of the clubface low, even when the face is opened, thus enhancing the versatility of your shots. A unique double-milled face provides an amazing response, and a “green-chewing” spin-rate that is three times greater than you may otherwise expect.

Two full years in development, the +/- wedge system is 100% tailored to your game, no matter your build or the level of your skill.

The Grinding Process:

Before each club is assembled, each raw edge is ground and shaped to your specifications, then polished or coated as you desire—all by one of the master craftsmen at our facility in Appleton, Wisconsin. The loft of any wedge in the scoring-system set—a Gap Wedge of 52° (+/- 5°), a Sand Wedge of 56° (+/- 5°), and a Lob Wedge of 60° (+/- 5°)—can be adjusted anywhere from 5° stronger to 5° weaker to fit your individual needs and desires.

Be sure to check out the Bob Burn Golf web site at; for more information and to find out more about their full line of drivers, fairway, hybrids, irons, putters, and wedges.

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