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Great Articles about Golf Wedges -- Have your distances improved?

Are you hitting your irons farther today than you did several years ago? Is your pitching wedge flying as far as your 9 iron once did? You might be surprised to know why that is happening.

As golf club manufacturers try everything they can to sell more clubs there are some things they are doing to be the "longest club on the market." With all the new technologies available, new shafts, new metals, new construction methods, one thing that is often overlooked by the golf club buyer is the change that has been made to the loft of the clubs.

We recently read a book written by Doug Ford. Doug was a top notch golfer in the 50's. He won the 1955 PGA Championship and the 1957 Masters. He was twice the tour's No. 2 money winner earning $26,815 in 1953 and $45,378 in 1957. The book is titled, The Wedge Book and it focuses on shots made with the pitching wedge and the sand wedge.

The content and golf instruction in the book is as valid today as it was when it was written over 40 years ago. What really caught our attention was a desription of several irons that golfers typically carry in their bag. The following table will emphasize why you are hitting your irons longer today.

Clubs Made in the 60's
Club NameLoftBounce
9 Iron47 degrees2 degrees
Pitching Wedge51 degrees5 degrees
Sand Wedge55 degrees10 degrees

Clubs Made Today
Club NameLoftBounce
9 Iron42 degrees2 degrees
Pitching Wedge47 degrees5 degrees
Sand Wedge56 degrees10 degrees

The information about golf clubs made today was obtained from Chip Heyl's great book, The Systems Approach to Golfing. If this book is not part of your golf library it certainly should be. You can learn more about it by going to

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