Make the Short Game Your Best Game!

Get to know all about the most useful clubs in your bag - the four golf wedges. Learn which wedge is best for certain types of shots. Understand why some shots should not be attempted with some wedges. will focus on helping golfers get the most out of the four wedges that a golfer can have in their bag.

Do you ask yourself if you should fire at the pin?

As amateur golfers we often ask ourselves if we should fire at the pin - should we take dead aim at the pin during a friendly round of golf.

The answer could surprise you and the answer to go for the pin depends on several factors. The main factor is whether the shot is a great opportunity to go for it and if it is worth the risk.

The factors to be considered to answer the question of firing at the pin can be decided by these question;

  • Do you have a relatively short shot with no more than an 8 iron?
  • Do you have a perfect lie?
  • Is the pin placement easily accessable?
  • Is the ball flight for this shot comfortable for your game?
  • Can you make a full swing?
  • Can you swing with confidience?
  • Does this situation allow you to gamble with the odds in your favor?

Many golfers aim at the pin too often and this adds more risk to their golf game and often not very much reward. A good number to strive for is to be able to aim at possibly two or three pins during a normal round of golf. This allows for you to use good judgement and reduce the risk.

An excellent strategy to try is aiming at the middle of the green. This will have a positive impact on your greens in regulation and also have a big impact in lower your score.

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