Wedge Information

Make the Short Game Your Best Game!


Did you know that golfers in general take between 65 - 72% of their shots from a distance of 120 yards or less? Having the correct clubs in your bag can have a dramatic impact on your scoring. will focus on helping golfers get the most out of the four wedges that a golfer can have in their bag;

1. The Pitching Wedge
2. The Gap Wedge
3. The Sand Wedge
4. And the Lob Wedge

Each club is quite different and just like your driver and putter, they should be used for special situations.


The Pitching Wedge Pitching wedges usually come with a set of irons when purchased. It is one of the first clubs of the group of wedges. For many amatuer golfers it is the only wedge in their golf bag. It is the least lofted club of the four golf wedges.

The pitching wedge is generally used for longer approach shots into the green, low pitch or chip shots and even longer bunker or sand shots. This club usually has a loft of somewhere between 44 and 50 degrees. It also has a very minimal amount of bounce on the bottom of the club compared to some of the other wedges you should have in your golf bag. You really wouldn’t want a lot of bounce on these clubs because it wouldn’t allow the front edge of the club to slip under the ball and make solid contact.

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The Gap Wedge The average weekend golfer will probably only have to wedges in their bag. A pitching wedge and a sand wedge. They will probably be hitting their pitching wedge a distance between 110 to 125 yards. When it come to their sand wedge, they usually hit that wedge around 80 to 90 yards in distance.

If your distance with your pitching wedge 120 yards and your distance with your sand wedge 85 yards, you have a problem. You will have to try to finesse shots that require a distance between 85 to 120 yards.

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The Sand Wedge Sand Wedges are fabulous tools that are designed specifically for play out of the sand. But they are equally useful from the grass or fairway. This club is probably the most unique club in your golf bag due to its versatility and function. You may also notice that these wedges are probably the heaviest club in the set. The weighting issue is due to the extra metal that added to the bottom of the blade known as the bounce.

The golf sand wedge was developed back in 1930 by a gentleman by the name of Gene Sarazen as a higher lofted club to help escape from the sand traps and other hazards on the course.

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The Lob Wedge Lob wedges might just be one of the handiest clubs in your bag. These clubs are relatively new to the market and are catching on very quickly. They are a stable club in the bags of tour professional and the weekend golfers.

They are not included in your set and must be purchased separately at your local retailer, proshop, or online directly from the manufacturer. These clubs are also known as finesse clubs are mainly used for “touch” shots around the green. These are shots that have to be lifted into the air quickly and land softly.

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